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SYSTEM 24 (LAGD 125 & LAGD 60)

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More reliable and easier to use SYSTEM 24®

Poor lubrication can considerably reduce the service life of the best of bearings. With that in mind, SKF has enhanced the performance of the single-point automatic lubricator: SYSTEM 24. The lubricator’s increased reliability and ease-of-use are a result of the following:

Product enhancements:

- Increased reliability at high temperatures as a result of:

Transparent lubricant container made of polyamide reduces gas diffusion.

The larger molecules of the driving inert gas are less sensitive to higher temperatures.

- Intrinsically safe approval for Zone 0:

Tested and approved for use in areas where an explosive atmosphere caused by gases, vapours and dust, is continuously present as well as for use in mines and underground areas.

- Easy-to-remove end-cap:

Covers the lubricant outlet; sharp tools are no longer required to open the outlet.

- Easy installation:

The tool-free activation and time setting slot allows easy and accurate adjustment of lubrication flow.

- Easy and quick fitting:

Facilitated by easy-grip top cover

While enhancing the reliability and ease-of-use,SYSTEM 24 still offers you the features and benefits you have to come to expect from SKF automatic lubricators.

- Flexible time setting period ranging between 1 and 12 months.

- High reliability and dispense rate accuracy allow fit and forget procedure until predetermined replacement date.

- Transparent lubricant container allows visual inspection of dispense rate.

- High capacity, compact size permits installation in restricted areas.

- Redesigned non-return valve of the oil-filled SYSTEM 24 is less sensitive to vibration, minimising the risk of leakage.

- Available filled with various high quality SKF greases and oils, which are especially developed for a wide range of bearing applications.

- Dispense rate setting is a simple part of the installation process.

- Hermetic sealing prevents ingress of dirt or foreign matter.

- Allows low grease dispense rate.

- Available in two sizes: 125 ml (LAGD 125) and 60 ml (LAGD 60).

- Can be temporarily deactivated.

- Wide range of accessories is available.

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